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I connected with a friend from when I was ten (who had since left the country and come back) through Ivy Life. In addition, I met one of my dear friends, for whom I've done some freelance PR work. Both of them are people I would not have either met or reconnected with without Ivy Life. — G.Z.
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IvyLife is an all-Ivy business networking community, with more than 80,000 members worldwide. We host regular networking events in New York, Boston, San Francisco and other major cities worldwide. Through these events, our members meet business partners, land jobs, find clients, connect with funding for new businesses, secure support for passion projects and rapidly expand the power of their business networks.

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IvyLife is the indispensable, life-long partner for professional and personal success for Ivy Leaguers.  In a supportive, open environment, IvyLife fosters powerful human and business connections within our worldwide Ivy league community, both in-person and online.  IvyLife is where the transformative power, talent, and intellect of our members converge to profoundly influence our lives, our businesses, and our society.

With more than 30 Chapters worldwide, IvyLife hosts professional networking coffees and business-focused evening events. Our website provides one-click signup for events worldwide, tools to facilitate professional introductions, and unlimited, user-directed forums for interconnection and exchange.


IVL is the private, invitation-only arm of IvyLife, for those IvyLife members who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and leadership within the IvyLife community.  IVL provides numerous professional networking opportunities for our members, including exclusive online directories, business conferences and other networking events.  Inquiries about IVL membership can be directed to Chris Colvin, IvyLife's co-founder, at